outdoor Restore Patio pavers

Surebond Logo.jpgPavers and stone hardscapes add beauty, convenience and value to your home. This special outdoor space is just as important as your indoor space to keep protected and maintained to ensure it lasts. Over time, it is common for pavers to stain, grow weeds or become bleached by the sun. The professionals at Outdoor Restore are Surebond Certified Applicators and have the knowledge and expertise to maintain and restore your outdoor pavers and hardscapes and keep them looking their best.

Surebond sealer extends the life of your pavers by providing protection from the elements. With an unmatched breathability, it can be used on new paver installations or pavers that are in need of maintenance. Surebond is a 30 year old brand that has been trusted through the years to provide cleaners and sealers that are specifically designed for maintaining and restoring hardscapes and pavers.

There are a variety of colors and finishes, as well as enhancing options that provide additional protection or visual improvements. If you are looking for the protection but love the way your outdoor space currently looks, we can help there too. We have options that will seal and protect your pavers without altering the appearance.

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