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Preserving & Protecting Your Cedar

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Outdoor Restore specializes in the preservation of cedar roofs, decks, and pavers for Minnesota homeowners. Unlike traditional cedar roof cleaning companies, our innovative process cleans and protects your cedar without harsh power-washing tactics. At Outdoor Restore, we believe that customer education is key. Our certified inspectors will conduct a comprehensive review of the roof, deck, or pavers and provide honest, straight-forward recommendations based on industry standards and field experience. Throughout the process, we’ll maintain full transparency as we communicate what will be done and how it will benefit your roof or outdoor space.

Proper preservation and maintenance of your cedar roofs, decks, and pavers can greatly prolong their lives, ensuring your home looks its best for years to come.

During those long winter months, Outdoor Restore can also help with the dangerous ice dams that form along your roof line. With our ice dam removal service, we will safely, quickly and effectively remove the ice dam using a powerful steam technology.

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