Preserving & Protecting

Your Cedar Roofing

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Cedar Shake Roof Preservation

Ensure your cedar roof is mold and algae-free, well-hydrated, clean and protected from sun and weathering with Outdoor Restore’s cedar preservation process. This proprietary process uses an environmentally friendly solvent to gently and safely clean and preserve your roof without having to walk on delicate shakes and shingles.


Deck Sealing & Restoration

Prolong the life of your deck, and keep your wood looking healthy and hydrated with proper cedar preservation services from Outdoor Restore. We provide professional, high-quality cedar siding, deck and fence cleaning, refinishing and staining services for Minnesota homeowners.


Paver Sealing & Restoration

Pavers and stone hardscapes add beauty, convenience and value to your home.  This special outdoor space is just as important as your indoor space to keep protected and maintained in order to last. Let the professionals at Outdoor Restore seal and restore your pavers. Our paver services include cleaning, re-jointing, sanding, sealing and repair. 


Ice Dam Removal 

With 24/7 on call service, along with Same Day and Next Day service, Outdoor Restore provides fast-response ice dam removal for homeowners and business owners across the Minneapolis metro area. Our ice dam removal process uses high-temperature steaming to quickly break down large formations of ice without damaging your roof or home.